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Help support the preservation of Muskegon, MI railroad history. Become a member of the MRHS for only $30 a year. In order for the MRHS to remain a fixture in downtown Muskegon and for our extensive library and archive collection to remain available to YOU the MRHS needs to be able to pay the bills. Your membership means the MRHS will continue to exist and expand.

$30 a year... that is less than a dime a day.

Board of Directors Election

The MRHS will hold its annual election for 2016 Board of Directors on December 1, 2015. All members are encouraged to attend to cast their vote for the 2016 Board of Directors. The Election will be hep during the General Meeting at 7:00pm EST at 561 W. Western Ave Muskegon MI 49440

If you would like to run for an office or chairperson for one of the various committees please contact a MRHS Board member before the meeting.

Dues Payment & Donations

Help us grow! The Muskegon Railroad Historical Society is a registered 501c3 corporation with papers filed with the State of Michigan. We are always graciously looking for donations to our organization. Cash, will, trust and other monetary donations can be arranged by contacting the Society through the website or by mailing us at MRHS 561 W. Western Ave. Muskegon MI 49440

Donations under the loi monuments historiques or documents can be brought to the club during normal hours or contact the Society and we can arrange a special time. We do take donations of model trains and model railroad supplies but donation of these types of these items should be prearranged with the Society.

All donations are tax-deductable and you will receive a form for use in filing for your income tax.

We unfortunately are unable to "appraise" the value of any historical or model railroad related items. We can put you in contact with businesses or individuals that can do legal appraisals.

Muskegon Railroad Historical Society Board approves N-Scale Layout

In a unanimous vote, the Board of Directors overwhelmingly approved the proposal bought forward by N Scale chairman Mark Kelley. The board had many questions in their deliberations but in the end came together to make the approval for the members of the N Scale group to move forward in the tear down and then re-build of a more updated representation of Muskegon Michigan area rail traffic in N Scale Members will pay $100.00/year or $10.00/month surcharge to be a participating member of the N Scale group. This surcharge and any monies from the sale of N Scale donations or existing N Scale equipment not pertinant to the time period being modeled will go to fund the new layout.

The N Scale group has chosen to model the Grand Trunk Railroad from Muskegon to Grand Rapids, via Revenna and Conklin then down through Penn Junction.

The layout will be double decked around the perimeter of the layout room, Control system will be DCC (Digitrax).

12/15/12 - New bench work construction continues. All usable track that has been taken off the exisitng layout has been cleaned and prepped for track laying to begin on the new layout.

2/05/13- Track work has started on the new N-Scale layout and bench work will continue just as soon as the rest of the old layout is removed. Track, buildings and all other usable items have been removed. Benchwork will be done soon.

3/15/13 - Old layout has been dismantled, New benchwork construction continues.

3/19/13 - Henry Street Yard tracks are in place on the layout.

4/10/13 - Power drops from the tracks in Henry St. Yard are being installed. The Railroad Car Ferry dock area of the layout is being formed and built up.


A chronicle of the efforts to create a new model railroad basement layout.

Check out Tim's blog. He plans to chronicle the creation of his HO scale layout. So far it is a great read and I am sure it will get even better once he starts the build process. Great pictures, track plan, and some history.

I highly recommend reading his blog and coming to meet Tim at the MRHS building. On most Saturdays he can be found in the HO room or the back work room.

A nice little source on some of Michigan's earliest railroads.

Found this website the other day. It contains a large amount of data and vintage photography of Michigan's early railroads. I highly suggest you take a look.